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Sanpete County

Sanpete County is located in the heart of Utah and has for hundreds of years been an agricultural center for Native American Tribes and early settlers venturing west. This agricultural core of Utah was settled by early Mormon pioneers and Manti was established as the county seat. Bordered on one side by the Wasatch Plateau, the county is heavily forested. Runoff from the plateau and forest flows down into the Sanpete Valley where most of the cities are. This part of the state continues to be a large agricultural reason and is dotted by rural farms. The 2010 census reported nearly 28,000 people living in the county which covers nearly 1,600 square miles. This makes it a very sparsely populated region of Utah, known for its natural landscapes and spacious vistas. Sanpete County is home the one state college, Snow College, a two year state university that provides excellent education for roughly 3,500 hundred students.

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