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Matheson to receive National Association of Manufacturers legislative excellence awward


Salt Lake City, UT—Congressman Jim Matheson will receive a bipartisan award from the nation’s largest industrial trade association this Friday, at the Wells Fargo Building in Provo, highlighting his pro-growth, pro-jobs agenda in Congress. Utah manufacturing company NuSkin Enterprises, helped organize the presentation.  The award from the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) will be presented by Todd R. Bingham, President of the Utah Manufacturers Association.

“Your voting record in the 112th Congress has earned you the NAM Award for Manufacturing Legislative Excellence,” says the letter from Aric Newhouse, Senior Vice President of NAM.  “Manufacturers present the award to legislators who consistently support our pro-growth, pro-jobs agenda and achieve a rating of 70 percent or better on key manufacturing votes.  Your rating was an outstanding 92 percent.”

Matheson noted that NAM represents small and large manufacturers in every industrial sector and in all 50 states.

“Utah manufacturers are an important sector of our economy, providing good-paying jobs to thousands of Utahns.  From my support for reducing unnecessary regulations, to free trade agreements that open new markets for Utah manufactured goods, I am proud to stand with these companies—large and small—and their employees,” said Matheson.

UMA President Todd Bingham says that manufacturing jobs pay 127 percent of the average Utah wage.  Utah manufacturers employ approximately 125,000 workers, or 10.6 percent of Utah employment. Additionally, Bingham says manufacturing is one of the few sectors that bring new money into the state. 

“Out of the $$6 billion in total goods exported, $5.3 billion were manufactured goods, or 87 percent of all exports,” Bingham said. “Manufacturing is a key sector of both the national and Utah’s economy.  We appreciate the support Congressman Matheson has given to the industry and in representing the interests of the manufacturing industry here in this state. We wish to recognize him for his voting record and thank him for his support.”

Matheson said his voting record is displayed at http://www.nam.org.  He also thanked Todd Bingham and Teresa Thomas for making it possible for the award presentation to take place in Utah.


WHO:             Congressman Jim Matheson, UMA President Todd R. Bingham

WHAT:           Presentation of the National Association of Manufacturers Legislative Excellence award

WHEN:          Friday, Oct 19, 2012, 10 a.m.

WHERE:        Wells Fargo Building, 2nd Floor, 86 North University Avenue, Provo, UT (arranged by NuSkin Enterprises).