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Matheson Supports Bipartisan Plan To End Government Shutdown

WASHINGTON D.C.- While much of Congress remains at an impasse, Congressman Matheson along with a number of senior House Democrats and House Republicans announced yesterday that they have been working together to generate a plan to end the current gridlock and government shutdown.

At a late morning press availability, Matheson, a leader of the moderate Blue Dog Coalition, joined Representative Ron Kind (D-WI) and Representative Charlie Dent (R- PA) respective leaders of the New Democrat Coalition and the Tuesday Group, to announce a working group and initial plan to end the government shutdown. 

The bipartisan group announced they had been meeting for nearly a week and negotiating terms for a proposal that could be accepted by both Democrats and Republicans.  Specifically, the proposal addresses provisions that each side requested and funds the government at sequestration levels and sets forth a continuing resolution that funds the government for the next six months along with a paid-for repeal of the Obamacare medical device tax.

“Working together is the only way to move our country forward,” said Matheson.  “I have always been the type of person committed to partner with both Democrats and Republicans on commonsense solutions.  Now more than ever, this is the approach that Utahns want and expect from their leaders.  Solving this gridlock must happen now and the current stalemate only hurts our country.”

In the upcoming days, Matheson expects this group of members will continue conversations and encourage their proposal be accepted by leadership as a viable way forward to reopen the government.