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Matheson statement on vote on ‘fiscal cliff' measure

Washington, D.C.—Congressman Jim Matheson issued the following statement after he voted no on Senate Amendments to H.R. 8 – the legislation passed earlier by the Senate.

“I have voted in favor of many of the tax provisions in the bill that benefit Utah families and small businesses.  I continue to support these measures.  However, to address the fiscal cliff,  legislation must include a strong framework for real deficit reduction.  Sadly, this bill falls short.  Without a serious mechanism to curb spending and put our country on a fiscally sustainable path, I could not support this bill.

“As it stands, this is not a solution to the nation’s fiscal woes that prompted the discussion of the ‘fiscal cliff’.  The bill simply kicks the can down the road on several pressing fiscal issues and leaves the difficult but inescapable decisions for coming weeks.  Putting our country on a balanced budget path is critical for our future economic prosperity.  I remain committed to continue working with those in both parties on legislation that results in a true long-term debt reduction plan. It’s the right thing to do today and for future generations.”