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Matheson Statement on President's Gun Control Policy Announcement

Washington, D.C. —Congressman Jim Matheson (UT-04) released the following statement on the President’s proposals for gun control policy.

"After the recent tragedy in Connecticut, it is appropriate for our country to have a thoughtful conversation about violence.  This conversation should be far reaching in scope, including an analysis of existing gun laws, the culture of violence in our country, and mental health treatment issues.  With regard to firearm ownership, the discussion should begin with how we can maintain the Constitutional rights of law abiding American citizens, and include data proven solutions for how we could effectively lower the number of violent deaths across our communities.  Real solutions for lowering modern gun violence in our country will be found by looking forward, not backward.

I believe, as do my constituents, that the majority of gun owners in our country are law-abiding people who are responsible stewards of their firearms.  We have many laws in place now that reinforce our mutual belief that criminals, and mentally unstable individuals who aim to harm others, should not have access to firearms.  We should immediately review these laws and assess where we can increase their effectiveness. 

Finally, we should have a serious discussion about the culture of violence in our country.  There has been a troubling rise in violent images in television, movies and video games which many fear desensitizes our society to real violence.  This is especially true for our children.  Parents are the first line of defense in teaching children right and wrong, and in making certain that they understand violent behavior toward others is not a game.  We need to empower parents, giving them full access to resources to block content in their own homes and to evaluate the media that may reach their children.”