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Matheson Commits to Make Government Work!

Washington D.C.-  This morning, Congressman Jim Matheson joined the No Labels Congressional Problem Solvers Coalition, a group of more than 70 Democratic and Republican Members of Congress from both chambers, to announce a legislative reform package of nine bills designed to make government more efficient, effective and less wasteful.

“Americans are frustrated with the partisan gridlock and bickering going on in Washington,” said Matheson. “This year I began serving as a co-chair of the Problem Solvers to begin building trust and meaningful relationships across party lines. It’s time Congress work together to get things done.”

The Make Government Work! package contains nine common-sense bills designed to make government more resourceful. Make Government Work! represents the first legislative proposal of the No Labels Problem Solvers coalition. Every bill in the package has broad bi-partisan support and is backed by at least half the Problem Solvers.  It's a big step toward restoring trust between lawmakers and eventually strengthening the American people's trust in our nation's leaders.

“Like most hardworking Americans, I am looking for ways to make Washington work,” said Matheson. “The Problem Solvers group is the only regularly scheduled meeting where Members of Congress of both parties sit down and talk about issues. I look forward to many successes of this bi-partisan group as we look to advance these common sense solutions.” 

No Labels was launched in December 2010. Earlier this year, former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman and Democratic Senator Joe Manchin began leading the organization. The goal of No Labels is to provide a forum to create solutions to our nation's problems by working together respectfully and thoughtfully.