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Educating our children is the most important investment we can make in our future.  Decisions about primary and secondary education should be made locally, by parents, teachers and communities - not by bureaucrats in Washington, DC.  Beyond this, prioritizing post-secondary and graduate education develops and maintains a cutting-edge American workforce.  

Elementary and Secondary Education Act – No Child Left Behind

Congressman Matheson believes that education is primarily a local issue best determined by parents, teachers and administrators in local communities.  Any federal funds should be provided with minimal strings attached. The 2002 No Child Left Behind law has strayed from its initial goal – that all children should have a chance to succeed in the public education system - and is in need of real reform. Congressman Matheson believes that any reauthorization should increase flexibility in satisfying the “Highly Qualified Teacher” requirements and allow states multiple assessment measures instead of one standardized test in determining progress.

Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education

To ensure American competitiveness in the global economy, the U.S. must educate current and future generations to fill the jobs of the 21st century.  As a Member of the Congressional STEM Caucus, Congressman Matheson supports investment in technical education which trains students for jobs that are driving the economy of the future. He supported the reauthorization of the America COMPETES Act which provides funding for STEM programs, increases coordination among them, and makes further investments in research, engineering, and the physical sciences.

Head Start

As a partnership between federal, state, local and private community partners, including the Utah State Office of Education and the Utah Department of Health, the Head Start early childhood education program enrolls more than 5,000 Utah children annually. More than just a preschool, Head Start serves both children and parents with education, health and parenting information. Studies show such early intervention pays for itself through gains in test scores and skills associated with readiness to learn in school. Congressman Matheson has regularly supported bipartisan legislation to renew this program.


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