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Daggett County

Daggett County is located on the north slope of the Uinta Mountains, which contain the highest peaks in the state. The Uintas are the source of much of the water for the Green River, which cuts through them at the east end of the range. 

Rich with trees, water and wildlife, Clay Basin and Brown’s Hole along the Green River serve as a winter refuge for both migratory animals and prehistoric Indians.  The first known white men to visit were fur trappers in the 1820s, the most famous of whom was General William Henry Ashley. In 1837 Fort Davey Crockett was build at Brown’s Hole, offering goods to trappers. Later, Daggett County offered summer grazing of sheep and cattle.  In 1917, the state legislature created Daggett County out of northern Uintah County and Manila was named the county seat.

Today’s economy is based primarily on livestock, hay, and alfalfa.  Construction of Flaming Gorge Dam began in 1958.  Rising 502 feet above bedrock, the dam impounds the Green River to form Flaming Gorge Reservoir. In 1968, Congress established the Flaming Gorge National Recreation area—207,000 acres of land and water that offer outstanding recreational opportunities for residents and visitors.