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U.S. Service Academy Application Process

Service Academy Application

Each Member of Congress may nominate candidates for a limited number of vacancies at each of the five U.S. Service Academies. Congressman Matheson will make up to ten nominations for each vacancy.

High school students should begin considering the application process in the spring of their junior year. Candidates are selected on a competitive basis, using criteria determined by the service academies to be indicative of the candidate's potential for success as a Cadet, Midshipman, or Airman. Applicants must also meet the following basic eligibility requirements as of July 1 of their prospective year of entry:

•    Age - You must be at least 17, but not have passed your 23rd birthday.
•    Citizenship - You must be a United States citizen.
•    Marital Status - You must be unmarried, not pregnant, and have no legal obligation for support of a child or other dependents.
•    Residency - You must reside within the Fourth Congressional District.

During the nomination process, you will be evaluated on your academic qualifications, leadership ability, and physical aptitude. Final decisions will be made after an interview with Congressman Matheson's Academy Nomination Review Board. Decisions will be made based upon the quality of submitted materials and the interview score. All applicants will be notified of nomination decisions by mail.

You can also obtain additional information about the Academy admissions process through your high school counselor or the Academy Liaison Officer.

Instructions to the Class of 2019 (entering 2015-2016 Academic Year)

•    Open a pre-candidate file with each of the service academies to which you seek a nomination at the beginning of the selection process.

•    Complete and submit the application form below (open the .pdf file); email, fax, or mail to Matheson’s office. You should receive an email response detailing the nomination process within 7 days of submission.  if you do not receive a response email to your application submission, please contact my office at (801) 486-1236.

•    Mail a one-page resume and a sealed copy of your high school transcript, including standardized test scores, to:

                                                      Office of Congressman Jim Matheson
                                                      Attn: Academy Nomination
                                                      9067 South 1300 West, Suite 101
                                                      West Jordan, UT 84088

•    Ask two people who know you well to write letters of recommendation on your behalf. Letters should discuss why you would make a good candidate for nomination and should be sent directly to Congressman Matheson at the above address.

•    Attend the mandatory interview panel with our Nomination Review Board in Salt Lake City. The interview is usually held on a Saturday morning during the end of November or beginning of December. Exact date and location will be posted at a later date. Alternative arrangements will only be made for exceptional cases (i.e. the applicant is out of the country on that date).

•    It is also advised that you also apply for admission to the academies directly with the Academy Liaison Officer. You may find contact information for each academy through your school counselor, or you may contact my office for further information.

The online application form below (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader) and all written materials (resume, transcript, test scores, recommendation letters) must be received by 5:00 pm on Friday, October 24, 2014 Late application submissions cannot be accepted. Incomplete files after the October 24th deadline will not be considered for nomination

Please feel free to contact my Salt Lake office at (801) 486-1236 if you have any questions about the U.S. Service Academy nomination process. You can also obtain additional information about the Academy admissions process through your high school counselor or the Academy Liaison Officer.

Service Academy Application (04/15/14 06:33 PM PST)